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Say Goodbye to Dull and Repetitive Tasks and Focus on Creating Value

Capture Collective Memory

Auto-complete common answers with a click

Capture and utilise the collective memory of all staff and past tenders in a single repository that can be searched, accessed and used at any moment to speed up the entire RFP process

Screenshot of auto-complete function on Sequesto Automated RFP Response Platform

Auto-extract Key Points

Analyse potential of each tender in minutes

By using the speed and powerful data-processing capabilities of AI, teams can create an instant, succinct overview of every tender so that no opportunities are missed

tender potential analysis on Sequesto Automated RFP Response Platform

Multi Language

Translate any answer in just one second

Conduct business across borders with ease. Use our simple one-click translation function to convert your tender answers to multiple languages

auto-translate on Sequesto Automated RFP Response Platform


Rephrase the same response for different clients

With SEQUESTO, you can easily rephrase your responses for different sectors and clients, avoiding the duplication of effort and saving time to answer more tenders

auto-rephrase on Sequesto Automated RFP Response Platform


Import and export any file type for the tender proposals

SEQUESTO supports all file types for both importing and exporting so that you can seamlessly provide supporting documents whenever required

file import export on Sequesto Automated RFP Response Platform

A Robust and Intuitive Automation
Solution for Any Industry

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Store all of the required technical information in a searchable library that can be accessed, updated and used to streamline the entire process

healthcare services rfp sequesto


Improve collaboration between procurement teams, legal departments and subject matter experts by providing a single source of truth for communication

financial services rfp sequesto

Financial Services

Automatically complete fully compliant security questionnaires and complex RFP responses with just a few clicks

IT hardware services rfp sequesto

IT | Hardware

Reduce the time spent answering tenders and manually sorting through long and complex inventory lists through intelligent automation that suggests and autofills answers

wholesale services rfp sequesto


Easily choose the lowest price suppliers from lengthy and complex inventory lists to improve your odds of winning a bid – no manual searches or data entry required

Facility Management services rfp Sequesto

Facility Management

Avoid duplicating content over and over again by seamlessly and accessing pre-approved answers and information to autocomplete questionnaires and RFPs

Win More Bids While Reducing Time and Cost

Your organisation depends on knowledge experts working on different portions of every vital tender, whether they are answering RFPs, completing Security Questionnaires or DDQs, or sharing information following a sales call. 

Why keep these professionals bogged down with time-intensive manual tasks that create mental and physical blockers during the process when they could be focused on the work you actually hired them to do: adding value for clients? 

SEQUESTO removes the time-wasting drudgery from the process by automating the repetitive work that keeps your team occupied unnecessarily. You can complete more RFPs, in a faster and more accurate way, with the same team.


per day saved through smart RFP responses to request


the capacity of your existing team


of time spent on filing Bill of Materials, inventory & product lists won back


potential reduction in spend through more efficient, competitive bidding

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Everything You Need to Complete Inventory Lists, Requests for Proposals, Security Questionnaires and DDQs

Import documents from various sources in your library, including previous RFPs, contracts, and vendor profiles.


Identify and extract keywords from RFPs and proposals to autocomplete your responses, accurately and seamlessly, in a matter of minutes.


Rapidly create unique responses by rephrasing RFPs and vendor proposals or translate responses in multiple languages to win cross-border bids.


Automatically map the client’s requirements to the appropriate RFP sections and evaluation criteria, saving time and improving accuracy.


SEQUESTO will export proposal responses and create professional-looking proposals that are tailored to the client’s specific needs and requirements.


Optimise the Entire Process
for the Entire Team

tender head image Sequesto
Head of the Tender Team

Empower your team with an optimised platform to boost productivity and motivation while reducing stress. Facilitate onboarding and prevent knowledge loss by tapping into the collective memory.

subject matter experts image Sequesto
Subject Matter Experts

Access, review, update, validate and share relevant information seamlessly using our collective memory, perfect for cross-team collaboration.

sales director image Sequesto
Sales Director

Empower your sales team to pursue additional tender opportunities, with the assurance that your tender team can efficiently manage multiple projects without compromising on quality or experiencing undue pressure.

coordinator image Sequesto
Coordinator and Contributor

Participate in more tenders with increased accuracy in less time. Shield complexity, simplify tasks and retrieve relevant information easily. Stay in control with effective resource allocation throughout the process and without the usual stressors.

Say Goodbye to Drudgework and Embrace Impactful Creative Challenges with Positive Business Impact

Manual, repetitive tasks are in the past. Invest your time and effort in the tasks that make the most out of your experience and expertise.

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Win More Tenders

Our automated RFP Response Platform takes care of the time-consuming tasks freeing up the resources to participate in and win more tenders.

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Build Relationships with the Client

With SEQUESTO, you can free up the time needed to build a strong relationship with your client, by focusing on them instead of paperwork and scrolling through endless inventory lists, and use your skills where they are needed the most.

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Benefit from the Collective Memory

Empower your team with a Collective Memory that hyper-charges collaboration, prevents knowledge loss and provides instant access to relevant information.

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Onboard New Talent

Time-consuming knowledge transfer is in the past. The SEQUESTO platform expedites new team members’ onboarding with its accessible, searchable library and AI capabilities, providing relevant information to complete DDQs and RFPs, reducing extensive training hours efficiently.

Powered by Technology
Empowering Teams

AI powered Tender Responses

SEQUESTO employs AI and multiple search techniques to swiftly generate relevant tender responses from client-specific documentation, past RFPs, RFIs, and DDQs. The platform streamlines the RFP process, reduces errors, and enhances proposal quality, while freeing up resources and time, using in-depth industry knowledge to define AI rules for identifying patterns and relationships, ensuring accuracy and utility.

Using our in-depth knowledge of the tender process and your industry, we can define the rules that the AI system uses to identify the patterns and relationships in your data to guarantee that the solution is accurate and impacts the business positively. 

AI helps to streamline the entire RFP process, reduce errors, and improve the quality of proposals, while freeing up resources for other activities.

diagram of AI-generated tender responses on Sequesto
screenshot of NLP capability on Sequesto

NLP helps us extract and analyse data

AI-powered natural language processing language helps us extract and analyse important data from RFPs and vendor proposals, which makes it easier to identify relevant responses to RFPs. It’s useful for classifying tender documents in different categories so that the entire tender answering process can be streamlined and the appropriate team members involved. 

We use NLP techniques to extract all of the information that has to be included in the tender documents, from project requirements and deadlines to detailed evaluation criteria so that no stone is left unturned. NLP can understand and respond to security questions in a faster and more accurate manner, which can reduce the time spent onboarding new tender desk team members, and improve the accuracy of all respondents.


Tender teams can rely on SEQUESTO for careful data handling, implementing robust security measures, including encryption, authentication, and layered protection. Addressing potential risks, SEQUESTO ensures data confidentiality, integrity, and availability with constant refinements and adherence to industry best practices, keeping sensitive information safe. 

We are constantly refining our privacy and safety frameworks to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is guaranteed. SEQUESTO keeps you and your most vital data safe through industry best practices related to identification, governance and risk management. 

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