Automated RFP, DDQ & Questionnaire Answering Platform for the Financial Industry

Seamless, Accurate & Compliant Responses in Minutes

The financial services industry is highly competitive, with strict deadlines and experts operating in a frenetic environment. That’s why we have developed a tender answering platform that is specifically tailored to the unique needs of financial services companies. Our platform is designed to automate the pre-reading of tender documents, saving countless hours of work while remaining fully compliant and accurate.


Automated Pre-Reading Of The Tender Documents Saves Countless Hours Of Work

SEQUESTO automates the pre-reading of tender documents, saving countless hours of work and reducing the stress experienced by financial services companies. Our platform can quickly analyse and extract the relevant information from tender documents, allowing experts to focus on crafting a winning proposal and adding value where it’s needed.

Automatically Detect The Compliant Correct Company Approved Information

SEQUESTO will automatically detect the compliant, correct company-approved information. Teams can respond to tenders with confidence, knowing that they are providing accurate and up-to-date information, saving time and applying their expertise when it’s most needed.

Reply To Compliance, Privacy, Governance And Security Questionnaires In Hours (Not Days)

With SEQUESTO, it’s possible to respond to privacy, governance, and security questionnaires in hours instead of days. You will save time and resources, allowing your experts to focus on other critical business activities.

User-Friendly Platform That Can Onboard New Specialists With Ease

SEQUESTO retains all institutional knowledge in a central repository. . This feature ensures that companies can quickly and efficiently integrate new team members into their tender response process, without any disruptions to their business operations.

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