With SEQUESTO’s user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, you can view project’s progress at a glance. You can keep track of your team’s performance, identify blockers and ensure that no deadlines are missed from a single screen.

Never Miss a Deadline again

SEQUESTO’s dashboard feature offers a comprehensive overview of all tasks, deadlines, team members, project types and their progress – all in a single screen. It’s perfect for managing your work as a team and gaining the operational insight you need to keep work on track.

Benefits of the Dashboard Feature

Quick & Easy Access to Answers

The dashboard provides a snapshot of all the important data and metrics related to a project or business process in a single screen. Team members can find what they are looking for without waiting for assistance or searching through disparate data repositories. 

Improved Decision-Making

Teams will gain a better understanding of the overall performance of a project in process. They will be able to see which projects require their input, where the dependencies lie and which tasks need to be done by a set deadline at a single glance.

Increased Collaboration & Productivity

By having all the relevant project information in one place, team members can prioritize tasks, monitor progress, and identify potential bottlenecks or roadblocks, while managers will have an up-to-date overview of all tasks and projects at all times.

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