About Sequesto

Europe’s Most Innovative RFP Response Platform

SEQUESTO is a European Tech Scale-Up, headquartered in Belgium, that was founded in 2020 by CoFounders Evrard t’Serstevens and Patrick Dalvinck.

SEQUESTO enables companies to win more business with tenders, RFPs, RFIs, and DDQs while enhancing personal satisfaction, team health and motivation.

photo of the Sequesto RFP Response Platform team

Our Mission

Our goal is simple: We offer a platform that removes the drudgery in the tender response process. We are on a mission to alleviate the pressure and manual, repetitive data entry process of tender submissions for clients by offering a hyper-efficient, automated response tool and centralised knowledge repository. We strive to enhance productivity and increase accuracy whilst reducing stress by streamlining the tasks that take up valuable time for the tender desk staff.

Our Platform

The name SEQUESTO comes from the “Security Questionnaire Optimisation”. Optimizing the process of responding to Security Questionnaires was our first goal. We’ve since expanded the offering to include the automation of many aspects of the tender/RFP process through our comprehensive, modular SaaS platform.
By eliminating tedious, repetitive, and error-prone tasks, the SEQUESTO platform allows businesses to focus on delivering superb tender responses, with teams that focus their attention where it’s needed the most. The massive time-savings and efficiency the SEQUESTO platform creates, not only improve win rates, but lead to happier and better-retained tender desks and sales teams in the long run.

screenshot of the Sequesto RFP Response Platform

Our Values

SEQUESTO is based on our personal experiences and values.
Everything we do is done with the best interests of our customers in mind.

icon productivity growth

Undemanding Productivity

We believe that teams can (and should) be highly productive without the frantic pace and stress of a typical tender desk. We help teams achieve their targets faster, while alleviating the burden and tedium of repetitive tasks.

icon empowering teams

Empowering Teams

We use our knowledge of the RFP process and machine learning technology to automate the tasks that take up teams’ time so they can focus on creating value where it’s needed the most.

icon Achieving More

Achieving More

We give customers the ability to serve multi-lingual, multi-industry, multinational companies across Europe in greater numbers – with the same number of team members.

icon Sharing Success

Sharing Success

SEQUESTO is committed to working with customers to leverage and make the most of our platform through personal attention and constant improvement. Your success is our success.

Our Team

team photo Product Designer Kristof Van Espen

Responding to tender can be stressful, complex matter. We simplify this process, by building solutions that take care of the boring work, eliminating hard deadlines and bringing down stress levels for our users.

Kristof Van Espen

Product Designer

team photo Laurens Tsestigh Fullstack Developer

I work in the development team. I integrate the high fidelity designs of Kristof into the platform. Other than that I add features and resolve bugs when necessary.

Laurens Tsestigh

Fullstack Developer

team photo Hadrien Rivière Machine Learning Engineer

I am responsible for developing the NLP (Natural Language Processing) models bringing the intelligence into our platform. I work closely with the development team to bring as much value as possible to our customers.

Hadrien Rivière

Machine Learning Engineer

team photo Joachim Van den Abeele Head of Product

I work mainly on the architecture of SEQUESTO, making sure we keep the data safe and accessible. I also implement complex features to make our tool more efficient day by day.

Joachim Van den Abeele

Head of Product

team photo Louis Salvais Business Development Representative

As Business Development Representative, I identify new opportunities and partnerships for SEQUESTO across Europe. My focus is raising awareness of our SaaS Platform, which transforms the tender response process.

Louis Selvais

Business Development Representative

Team Photo Dilşah Koç Head of Business Development

My responsibility at SEQUESTO is to facilitate the growth of our customer base by providing valuable services to the appropriate customers at the appropriate time. Along with the rest of the team, I am enthusiastic about evaluating our progress to enhance our operations and assist our clients at every interaction.

Dilşah Koç

Head of Business Development

team photo Patrick Dalvinck CEO & CoFounder

I ensure the company achieves its strategic objectives and focuses on healthy growth and creating customer value. Our team and customers are equally important, and we prioritize their personal and professional growth. With 25+ years of experience, SEQUESTO Platform combines leadership, learning, and coaching.

Patrick Dalvinck

CEO & CoFounder

team photo Evrard t'Serstevens CTO & CoFounder

I lead the strategic product development and ensure that our platform brings our customers as much value as possible. When not supporting our customers, I participate in the development process by coding additional features. Together with the development team, I ensure that deadlines are met and that the finished product meets our high standards.

Evrard t’Serstevens

CTO & CoFounder

Work with us

We’re always looking for talented individuals passionate about making a difference in the industry. Even if no current vacancies show, we welcome you to apply and join our talent pool for future opportunities.
Your skills and experience may be exactly what we’re looking for!