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Process, Manage and Respond to Security Questionnaires with Ease

SEQUESTO has transformed the entire process of responding to security assessments and questionnaires.

Experience simple and easy collaboration, faster response completion and greater consistency in responses through our intuitive automation platform.

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Automatically answering hundreds of questions with SEQUESTO

Ramp Up Your Ability to Complete Vendor Assessments and DDQs as a Team

SEQUESTO allows teams to scale their capabilities, eliminate manual workarounds, and streamline the entire process of receiving, managing, and completing vendor security assessments.

Teams become more powerful, lean, and productive in their pursuit of winning new business – using one simple solution.


SEQUESTO offers a variety of features that make the Tender Response process smoother, more efficient, and more rewarding for the Tender Desk, including:

Collective Memory

We enable teams to create an extensive library of pre-written responses that can be customised to fit their needs, helping teams reduce the time and effort spent formulating high-quality responses.

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Answer recommendation engine

SEQUESTO uses machine learning algorithms to suggest relevant answers from the content library to a given question.

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Collaboration tools

Multiple teams and experts can work together seamlessly, share responses and feedback, and manage the workflow.

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Security and compliance

Robust security capabilities ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the data being shared.

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Categorised & searchable information

Reduce the complexity and frustration of answering security questionnaires with neatly categorised and fully searchable data.

screenshot of sequesto Categorised & searchable information

Join the SEQUESTO founders during our live webinar

Join us for a 45-minute live webinar and Q&A every last Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm CET

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SEQUESTO was built by experts who understand the complexities (and frustration) of answering repetitive security questions. Here’s how we changed the process
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Align resources and responses

Don’t bog technical experts down with complex spreadsheets that lead to inconsistent and poor-quality responses. SEQUESTO makes it easier to find relevant content in a centralised content library, improving the quality and win potential of your submissions.

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Collaborate with experts

Collaborate with hundreds of contributors from multiple departments and process multiple projects simultaneously through a centralised, single source of truth. No more back-and-forth via email and phone calls!

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Greater efficiency

Respond to hundreds of questions in half the time and stay on top of deadlines and assignments across multiple projects.

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Greater visibility

Keep an eye on progress and dependencies at all times, reducing the frenetic pace and pressure on the team.

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Reduce the learning curve for new hires

Neatly categorised, and searchable information makes it far easier to receive, manage and complete vendor security questionnaires and DDQs, even for new hires.

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See SEQUESTO in action

Embrace a better way of answering Security Questionnaires. Try SEQUESTO today and empower your team to boost their win rates and reduce complexity.