Automated RFP Response Tool for Software Providers

Answer more RFPs in a shorter time

SEQUESTO is designed to help software businesses streamline their RFP processes and secure more proposals in a shorter amount of time, without additional resources.

More proposals. More wins. You can save time and send more proposals to more clients through our innovative time-saving RFP response tool

As a software company, your teams have to answer hundreds of questions…by sifting through thousands of documents scattered across drives in the organisation. Our RFP answering tool will extract the questions from a spreadsheet and automatically propose the best possible answers so that teams can automatically complete security questionnaires and requests from a single collective memory. It saves time, and reduces the frustration that could lead to churn.


per day saved from smart responses


the capacity of your same team


of time back wasted on repetitive tasks


potential reduction in spend through more competitive bidding


Answers Automatically Proposed When Looking at a Question

Our DDQ, Security Questionnaire, Tender and RFP automation solution has been designed to provide the most relevant answer candidates automatically proposed when you’re looking at a question. This feature ensures that businesses save time and resources by automating the process of sifting through large volumes of data to find the most relevant information. With our solution, businesses can focus on developing proposals and responding to RFPs, rather than spending hours researching and gathering data.

Easily Distribute The Work Amongst Co-Workers, View Real-Time Progress

SEQUESTO allows businesses to easily distribute work amongst their co-workers and have real-time progress views. This feature ensures that teams can work together more efficiently, and managers can monitor progress in real-time. There’s no more bottlenecks or back-and-forthing via email – just simple, efficient collaboration.

Find Information From A Library of Thousands of Documents – Instantly

Using the power of AI, we can draw and propose relevant information from thousands of documents in an instant. You can access a vast pool of historic, shared data quickly and easily, saving time and staying up to date at all times. This not only enables teams to respond to more proposals in a shorter amount of time, but will reduce the learning curve for new hires and ensure that institutional knowledge is retained and shared.

Avoid Knowledge Drains When Staff Depart

SEQUESTO ensures that businesses do not experience knowledge drains when experienced people leave the organisation. Knowledge is captured and stored in the system, making it available to everyone who needs it, whenever they need it. Businesses can ensure that knowledge is not lost when experienced personnel leave and that new employees can quickly get up to speed.

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