Collective Memory

Reduce the time and effort spent formulating high-quality responses. Our Collective Memory feature acts as an ever-expanding repository of pre-written responses and documents that can be used to answer security questionnaires, DDQs, tenders and RFPs rapidly and accurately.

Respond to more questions and requests, faster

The more RFPs and tenders you respond to, the higher your win rates will be. With our collective memory feature, your team can draw on the knowledge, documents and quality responses stored in a collaborative library to answer more questions in a shorter amount of time. 

Benefits of Collective Memory

Retain Institutional Knowledge

The collective memory features acts as a unified knowledge bank that all employees can contribute to and utilise, enabling companies to retain valuable information even after employees leave the organization.

Speed Up Response Times

Utilise the Collective Memory to submit high-quality responses in a short period of time. The collective memory contains a large volume of pre-written responses and documents – everything you need to complete DDQs and RFPs.

Reduce Repetitive Tasks

Writing the same responses over and over again with every new tender or RFP is frustrating and tedious. With our Collective Memory feature, your staff will spend less time formulating responses and more time on the activities that add value to the tender.

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