AI-Automated Answers

SEQUESTO’s automated answering tool will suggest several responses, attachments, images or even entire sections of text for users to choose from when responding to DDQs, security questionnaires, RFPs or tenders. You can also use AI to rephrase or translate your answer to ensure that all responses are unique.

Faster, More Accurate Responses With the Power of NLP & AI

Say goodbye to tedious manual responses and hello to an efficient, streamlined process with SEQUESTO’s Automated Answering Tool. With AI-powered technology, you can easily select, rephrase or translate your answer from a drop-down menu to ensure that each response is unique, appropriate and tailored to your needs.


Benefits of Automation

Saves Time & Effort

SEQUESTO’s automated answering tool saves users from the tedious task of crafting responses to DDQs, security questionnaires, RFPs, or tenders from scratch. Team members can spend their time working on the activities that actually add value.

Increases Accuracy & Consitency

SEQUESTO’s Automated Answering Tool ensures that all responses are accurate and consistent. SEQUESTO will not only suggest appropriate responses based on the context and nature of the query, but allow team members to rephrase or translate answers.

Enhances Productivity & Efficiency

By automating the response process, SEQUESTO’s Automated Answering Tool boosts productivity and efficiency. Users can complete their tasks in a fraction of the time it would take to manually craft responses, freeing up time for other important activities.

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